Ram Fertility Testing

Rural Veterinary Services is fully equipped to undertake Ram Fertility Testing at the clinic or in the field. 

Why do I need to test my Rams?

If you have experienced poor lambing rates, and your rams have been tested as free from Ovine Brucellosis, the next step to find the possible cause of the problem is to test the fertility of your rams. 

Fertility testing usually involves the following;

  • clinical examination including lameness examination—a sick or lame ram will not work and therefore conception rates would be low;
  • scrotal circumference measurement—this is correlated to fertility;
  • penile examination—done during collection of ejaculate;
  • semen examination—semen motility and concentration is examined, because if the ram has poor swimmers he will have poor conception rates;
  • semen morphology—Rural Veterinary Services do not currently offer this service, but hope to do so in the near future.


If you have experienced poor lambing percentages and think that your rams may need testing, please do not hesitate to call our friendly staff for further information