Pregnancy Testing 

Pregnancy testing is an important herd management tool which enables producers to manage their beef/dairy herds most effectively. 

In the beef industry pregnancy testing enables us to detect empty cows and either re-mate them or cull them from the herd, saving a lot of wasted dollars in feeding and agistment. Foetal ageing can also be performed to help farmers plan for calving. In saying this it is important to note that ageing foetuses becomes less accurate as the gestation progresses and is largely influenced by breed differences, individual animal variation and nutrition.

In the dairy industry early pregnancy testing is vital in detecting empty cows and enabling them to be re-mated. The ageing process can also identify the sire lineage if they are mated by AI and with a backup bull.

At Rural Veterinary Services we offer pregnancy testing from 6 weeks of gestation. We perform both manual pregnancy testing as well as through the use of an ultrasound which assists in detecting and ageing younger pregnancies. 

Dr Claire Law is an accredited pregnancy tester with the Australian Cattle Vets Association which makes her well practiced in the area and also enables her to distribute tail tags if required.