Puppy Pre-School 

Giving your puppy the tools to succeed

Puppy pre-school is group based training which is run by one of our trainined Vet Nurses. The sessions are 1 hour in length and run for 5 weeks. Puppies need to be between 6 and 18 weeks of age and need to be up-to-date with vaccinations, flea and worm products. 

Aims of puppy pre-school:

  • Socialisation with other puppies and people in a safe and controlled manner.
  • To identify undesirable behaviours at an early age.
  • To teach basic training methods using reward based training
  • To teach your puppy calm behaviour
  • Education on normal puppy development and dog behaviour
  • Basic health care and nutrition education
  • Assist with any problems you may be experiencing
  • To help make trips to the vet more enjoyable
  • And most importantly, to have lots of fun with your puppy!

Lessons include:

  • Basic training techniques such as sit, stay, drop, recall, mat training, lead training and tricks. 
  • How to communicate effectively with your dog
  • Puppy socialisation
  • Advice on preventing unwanted behaviours like jumping, biting and digging. 
  • How to read canine body language
  • Guidance about child and puppy interaction
  • Grooming and leath care information
  • Toilet training tips
  • Nutritional advice
  • Enrichment and welfare

Rural Vets Puppy Pre-school trainer

Amber is a member of our nursing team at Rural Vets and has over 8 years experience in the industry. She enjoys all aspects of nursing and has a passion for animal behaviour and nutrition.

Amber became a qualified puppy school instructor in 2015 and has found these sessions incredibly rewarding. She is committed to helping people and their pups learn to understand each other and start a wonderful life together. 

"There is nothing better than to see happy pups and their family enjoying their training and seeing them develop".